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Copper Stone Inlaid White Tara Statue 6" H

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The White Tara statue is a revered symbol in Tibetan Buddhism, embodying purity, compassion, and longevity.

White Tara is typically depicted seated with a serene expression, holding a white lotus and displaying a gesture of generosity. Devotees turn to White Tara for blessings of health, long life, and protection, reciting mantras dedicated to her. She represents a source of healing and compassion, offering solace and guidance to those who seek her assistance in overcoming life's challenges and achieving spiritual well-being. White Tara statues serve as potent reminders of these qualities, serving as objects of devotion for practitioners on their path to enlightenment.

Size: 6.2" Height x 5" Wide x 2.2" Depth
Weight: 595 grams approx