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Copper Silver Inlaid Green Tara Statue 6"H

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The Green Tara statue stands as a powerful symbol of compassion and swift action within Tibetan Buddhism.

Depicted in a poised, seated posture, with one leg extended and a graceful hand gesture of supreme generosity, Green Tara exudes an aura of dynamic compassion and readiness to respond to the needs of her devotees. Holding a delicate blue lotus in her left hand, she embodies qualities of protection, guidance, and swift intervention, offering solace and assistance in times of distress. Her verdant hue signifies her association with lively activity and her ability to swiftly come to the aid of those who call upon her. The Green Tara statue is a cherished object of devotion, inspiring practitioners with its representation of compassion in action and the promise of protection on their spiritual journey.

Size: 6" Height x 4.5" Wide x 2.5" Depth
Weight: 540 grams approx