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Copper Mini Manjushri Statue 2"

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Introducing our meticulously crafted 2-inch Manjushri Statue - a captivating symbol of wisdom and intelligence in a compact form. This intricately designed statue embodies the essence of Manjushri's enlightened qualities.

Created with precision from high-quality materials, the Manjushri Statue exudes an aura of wisdom through its intricate details. Its modest size allows for versatile placement - whether it graces your meditation nook, workspace, or personal sanctuary.

The statue's hand gestures, known as mudras, hold deep symbolism, representing Manjushri's mastery over knowledge and insight. These delicate features encourage moments of contemplation and mindfulness, invoking the spirit of awakening.

Perfect for both travel and contemplation, the Manjushri Statue serves as a portable wellspring of inspiration. Whether you're well-acquainted with spiritual practices or just embarking on your journey, this statue serves as a reminder of the profound qualities of clarity and understanding.

Elevate your space with the presence of the Manjushri Statue and invite the brilliance of wisdom into your life. Allow its beauty and significance to inspire a deeper connection with your innate intelligence and insight.

Size: 2"
Weight: 65 grams