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Copper Mini Kubera Statue 2"

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Introducing our meticulously crafted 2-inch Kubera Statue - a symbol of wealth and prosperity in a compact and exquisite form. This finely detailed statue encapsulates the essence of Kubera's abundant qualities.

Sculpted with precision using premium materials, the Kubera Statue radiates opulence through its intricate craftsmanship. Despite its small size, it makes a significant impact and can be easily placed on your altar, desk, or any cherished space.

The statue's posture and attributes carry profound symbolism, representing Kubera's domain over wealth and prosperity. These intricate features invite contemplation and mindfulness, invoking the energy of affluence and blessings.

Ideal for travel and meditation, the Kubera Statue becomes a portable source of inspiration. Whether you're well-versed in practices of abundance or just beginning to explore, this statue serves as a reminder of the abundance that surrounds us.

Elevate your surroundings with the Kubera Statue's presence and invite the energies of prosperity into your life. Let its beauty and symbolism inspire a deeper connection with the qualities of abundance and success.

Size: 2"
Weight: 70 grams