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Copper Buddha Stupa with Incense Burner

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This is a beautiful Copper Stupa Chorten which is 8.5 inch high. The stupa has a great foundation with intricate beaten carvings. The protector Garuda and floral motifs and Double Dorjee are carefully attached to the foundation. Five Dhyani Buddhas are settled around the stupa. Four at four corners and one at the top. The Stupa is jeweled with resin turquoise and coral beads. The famous stupas of Kathmandu Valley are Syambhunath and Boudhanath.

The front of the foundation slides out revealing a thoughtfully placed incense holder. The incense holder has three holes for incense sticks and that can be taken out to reveal another holder for cone incense or butter lamp.

This is a copper stupa figurine.

Size: 8.5" H X 5"L X 5" B
Weight: 650 gms