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Copper Amitabha Buddha Statue 8" H

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Amitabha Buddha, also known as Amitayus or Amitābha, is a central figure in Mahayana Buddhism, particularly in Pure Land Buddhism. Statues of Amitabha typically depict him seated in meditation, with his hands in the dhyana mudra, symbolizing concentration and meditation.

The Amitabha Buddha statue serves as a focal point for devotion and meditation, representing infinite light and boundless compassion. Devotees often turn to Amitabha Buddha for guidance in their spiritual practice and as a source of inspiration for achieving enlightenment.

These statues are crafted with intricate detail and symbolism, reflecting the virtues and qualities associated with Amitabha, such as wisdom, compassion, and liberation from suffering. They are revered objects of veneration and serve as reminders of the path to awakening and the Pure Land, where devotees aspire to be reborn in the presence of Amitabha and attain enlightenment.

Size: 8" Height x 5.5" Wide x 3.5" Depth
Weight: 1365 grams approx