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Colorful Dream Catcher

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This beautiful multicolored Native Dream Catcher is handmade using hoop, jute fibre, cotton, multicolored beads and high altitude himalayan hen feather.

It is believed that dream catchers filter out bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our minds.

It is normally used as a hanging in the bedroom to allow good dreams and thoughts to our minds. As decorative item, it can be hung in other rooms and outdoors as well.

This dream catcher consists of two hoops: one large and a smaller one. It is hand-sewed using a hoop which is twined with jute fiber and then sewed within the hoop to form the shape of a spider web. The beads are put between the web to decorate them even further. The feathers are attached to the strings to indicate the good flow of dreams and thoughts to our minds.

A great item to have.

Large Hoop: 11cm/4.35"diameter
Small Hoop: 7cm/2.75" diameter
Total length: 54cm/21.25"

Weight: 30 grams