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Buddha Travel Altar Gift Box

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This is a special gift set created with love and care. This special gift set is specially designed to give someone special. We have named this gift box as Om Mani gift box as it has a combination of all the religious items. This gift set contains the following items:

1. NepaCrafts Handmade Rhododendron Herbal Rope Incense:
This Incense incense is handmade in Nepal and our own NepaCrafts product. It has a nice calm and grounding aroma and helps to get rid of headaches and detoxifies the body. The size of the incense is 4".

2. NepaCrafts Handmade Agarwood Herbal Rope Incense:
This Incense incense is handmade in Nepal and our own NepaCrafts product. It gives a woody fragrance and is good for anxiety, stress and flow of qi. The size of the incense is 4".

3. Handpainted Shakyamuni Buddha Statue 4" H
This is a beautiful hand painted Shakyamuni Buddha Statue. The face and the body of the Buddha is painted with golden color. The robe of the statue is painted with dark red color.

4. Five Mukhi 8 mm Rudrakshya Prayer Mala (PM61):
Rudrakshya is a seed of a tree which grows in the Himalayan range mostly in Nepal and India. Rudrakshya also means Rudra's (SHIVA's) Tear Drops. It is the best form of organic jewelry, bracelet or mala.

5. World's Tiny Singing Bowl 2":
This is a beautiful hand made world's tiny singing bowl handmade in Nepal. The singing bowl looks shiny and just beautiful. Singing bowls are used for meditation, sound therapy, healing, sound massage and more.

6. Seven Chakra Tibetan Incense Sticks:
This is a premium incense handmade in Nepal. This incense is prepared according to the ancient Buddhist method. The incense is well packed in a beautiful Eco friendly lokta paper box. There are 7 different incense and you will be getting any one in random. from the below mentioned incenses;

a.Root Chakra Nagchampa Incense
b. Sacral Chakra Sandalwood Incense
c. Solar Plexus Citronella Incense
d. Heart Chakra Asthasugandha Incense
e. Throat Chakra Dorjee Incense
f. Third Eye Chakra Devdar Incense
g. Crown Chakra Frankincense

7. Spiral Clay Rope Incense Burner:
This incense holder is round and has a shallow depth ending in a spiral at the bottom. This incense holder has two holes-one slightly bigger than the other, in order to hold two different kinds of incense sticks. The beautifully crafted outer leaves and the design of the lotus is beautifully seen.

8. Traditional Tibetan Wind Horse Prayer Flags (PF156):
These prayer flags are made of Cotton in our workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Each cotton piece is cut into appropriate sizes and then wooden block printing is done.
7' x 6" (each Flag Size)
70" (Total Length)

Total Weight: 780 grams approx

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