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Buddha Eyes and Bouddhanath Printed Lokta Paper Wall Hanging

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This is a beautiful wall hanging handmade in Nepal. The bright and colorful picture of Buddha Eyes in the top and Bouddhanath stupa in the front is printed in the Himalayan lokta paper. To give it a traditional and Nepalese look, Bamboo sticks are attached to both side of the wall hanging. Bamboo sticks also balance and hold the paper perfectly.

Bouddhanath is one of the largest stupa in Nepal. The base of the stupa takes the shape of mandala symbolizing the center of five elements-earth, water, fire, wind and sky, The top spire of the stupa is made up of 13 steps representing the 13 stages on the journey to nirvana.

Size: 15"x 7.5"
Weight: 40 grams approx