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Brass Vighnantaka Deity Wall Hanging

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A very unique and handmade deity Vighnantaka is handmade in Nepal by Nepalese Artist. The face of Vighnantaka is carved beautifully and attached to the Buddhist ritual Chukor.

Vighnantaka is a meditational deity that functions as a remover of obstacles. In the two armed form Vighnantaka is identical to Krodha Vajrapani also in a two armed form. Both figures hold a vajra scepter upraised in the right hand and a wrathful gesture at the heart holding a lasso with the left hand.

This Vighnantaka wall hanging can be placed in your altar room and living room or even at the entry point to remove and avoid negative energies to enter your home.

Size of Vighnantaka : 3.2" x 2.6"
Total Length: 9"

Weight: 105 grams approx