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Blue Planet Singing Bowls Gift Box Set

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All Blue Planet Singing Bowls are embossed with 7 elements of the universe and are Hand Painted Singing Bowls set with 7 Pillows and 7 Stupa sticks in Gift Boxes

These singing bowls are not tuned as per the chakra signs in them, they may play different tones despite the signs shown. These serve a great decorative purpose and are ideal as gifts for your loved and dear ones.

The Blue Planet  bowl have the  following SIGNS of Elements:

1. Earth: The earth blue planet singing bowl represents abundance, nourishment, fertility, and the mother to child relationship.

2.Water: The water blue planet singing bowl represents fluidic matter and the cohesive principle of physics. Water is the protector of the body.

3. Fire: The fire blue planet singing bowl represents heat, summer and enthusiasm; nature at its peak of growth, and warmth in human relationships.

4. Air: The air blue planet singing bowl represents the capacity for motion or kinetic energy.and all forces and the movement that transpires as a result of those forces.

5. Space:The space blue planet singing bowl, sometimes called ether, represents the place where everything happens. In its most subtle form, it is the place before everything happens.

6. Consciousness: The consciousness blue planet singing bowl represents the knowing element of every experience. It is that in which all experience occurs, all experience is known, and that which modifies itself as sensations, perceptions

7. Spirit: The spirit blue planet singing bowl represents the essences of life itself and energy.

Size of each singing bowl= 3.1" Diameter X 1.7"H / 7.8 cm Diameter X 4.3 cm H
Size of Pillows: 3" Diameter/ 7.6 cm Diameter
Size of Stupa Stick=3.2" L/8 cm L
Size of Box=4.33"L X 3.7"B X 2" H/ 11 cm L X 9.5 cm B X 5 cm H

Weight of each singing bowl=185-190 grams/ Total seven bowls=1295-1330 grams
Weight of each pillow=3 grams approx/ Total seven pillows: 21 grams approx
Weight of each Stupa Stick=15 grams/ Total Seven Sticks=105 grams
Weight of each Box=55 grams/ Total seven Boxes=385 grams

Total weight of 7 singing bowls, 7 pillows, 7 sticks and 7 boxes= 1806 grams approx.

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