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Blue Felt Balls Totes

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The felt ball totes are everyday bags which can be used to put notebooks, small makeup kits, cell phones, keys, chains and other necessary small items. These bags can be worn with any apparel and is all seasons bag. The bags are durable which will last for a long time. It is a fashion accessory and will rarely be seen on the streets making them very unique and chic.

The specialty of these bags are that they are light weight, easy to carry, durable and has felted balls decorated in a dotted pattern.

Cleaning or washing:
Best to brush off the dust. If stains sustain, use Luke warm water and cloth to rub off the spot. Do not tumble wash.

Slight variation in color, size, shape and patterns on the purse enhances the individuality, making each piece unique and special.

Size: 9"X9"
Weight: 385 grams