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Blessed Sacred Threads handmade in Nepal

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A Blessed Sacred Thread is tied on wrist by Hindus and Buddhist before the start of a religious function. The string is tied on the right hand by guys and on the left hand by females. The string is attached to summon the gifts of the Hindu divinities particularly of the specific god to whom the puja is committed. There is likewise a prevalent view that the purified red string with gift of the divinity shields an individual from sicknesses, adversaries and different dangers.

An individual often puts on the blessing thread on one's wrist when doing a ceremony, ritual or puja, such as worship to the deity, or for certain blessings. It is called , the blessing thread helps preserve or imbibe those blessings when it is tied around one's wrist during the ceremony.

Size: 33" Long
Weight: 10 grams approx