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Tibetan Blank Cotton Prayer Flags, Set of 10 Flags

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Prayer flags are very popular in Tibetan Buddhism. This blank prayer flag is handmade in Nepal. The prayer flags has five color representing five elements. Blue flags symbolize the elements sky or wind, white flags stand for the element of air, red flags indicative of fire, green color stand for water and nature and yellow symbolize earth.

The blank prayer flags are designed to those who wants to create and write their own prayers. You can use fabric pens, permanent marker of prayer flags block print stamp to design own prayer flags.

The old prayers flags is changed with new ones yearly on the Tibetan New Year. It is also believed that when the mantras in the prayer flags fade away, the prayers will be heard.

Size: 8"x 6"
Total Length: 74" approx
Weight: 45 grams approx