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Black Dyed Rudraksha Prayer Mala

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Rudrakshya means the tear that dropped out of the eyes of Shiva. Rudra Means Shiva and Akshya Means Eyes. This particular rudrakshya is 5 faced or 5 Mukhi(faced) one and generally popular among people practicing Dharma Rituals, meditations or as fashion accessory.

Traditionally, Prayer beads mala or Japa Mala are strings of beads used to count repetitions in Buddhist practices--prostrations, recitations of mantras, names of the Buddha. Sometimes it is simply a reminder to be aware. The traditional number of beads in a Mala is 108. The beads themselves, made from variety of seeds, wood, and semiprecious stones, are worn around the neck or wrapped in coils around the wrist.

Total Length: 25"
Beads Size:  6-7mm
Weight: 35 grams

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