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Behind her Wedding Veil: Struggles of my Rebellious Mother

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Editor\'s Impressions: Through the history of one family, the author gives us a unique glimpse of the evolution of Nepal over the past century. The personal journeys of his grandmother, mother, father and not least of the author himself have a great deal to tell us about where Nepal has come from and where it is going. Though this book ranges far and wide, it is always to the greatest single influence in his life-his mother-that the author returns. His insights into the problems faced by his mother, as well as his grandmother, tell us a great deal about how far some (though unfortunately not all) women in this society have progressed. Today women all over Nepal are demanding their rights, but his mother\\'s struggle was a lonely and courageous one which was to have a profound impact on her son, and was to take him all over the world and back again. The book is a fitting tribute to a remarkable woman on the centenary of her birth. -Scott Berry

Author: Kk. Panday