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Ayurvedic Formula Pitta Aromatic Pillow

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Ayurvedic Formula Pitta aromatic pillow is formulated to cool, calm and relax the Pitta dosha.

The ancient Asian healing system of ayurveda teacahes that three basis forces, the tridoshas(kapha, Vata, Pitta) exist in everything in this universe and influence all mental and physical processes. We are all born with a particular balance of these doshas. Our body type, temrepament, and susceptibility to illness are largely governed by our predominant doshas.

Pitta people are known to be tenacious in personality since the dosha is based on fire and water. People with the pitta dosha usually have muscular build and be very athletic and can be strong leaders. These people are highly motivated and competitive. If out of balance pitta people can be impatient, prone to conflict and have mood swings. People with pitta dosha should be focused on work-life balance.

This is a MINI pillow( 5.5"X4.5inches) which needs to be tucked in among your bed pillows to inhale the scents while in bed. This pillow will remain pungent for up to six months.

Brassica Nigra (Black Mustard) Seed, Santalum album (Sandalwood) Mentha arvensis (Field Mint) powder Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Seed.

CARE : Knead the pillow softly to awaken the scent. If you wish to clean your pillow cover, remove it and gently hand wash in cool water with a mild soap. Washing the herb-filled pillow itself will destroy the properties of the herbs.

SIZE: 5.5"X4.5" inches
Weight: 170 grams.