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Auspicious Symbol Hiti Manga Sterling Silver Pendant

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This pendant is handmade in Nepal. The pendant represent an auspicious symbol. Hiti Manga means stone water spouts in Newari language. In Nepal stone spouts plays a cultural and spiritual role as it is a great source of water for the local communities of Nepal. In addition, Spouts are important religious sites for Buddhist and Hindu as icons of gods and protector can be seen with the spouts.

A coral and turquoise decoration is done creatively that enhance the beauty of this pendant. This beautiful pendant comes with sterling silver chain.

The detailed and fine crafting is done by our Artist Pratap shakya. His works are always fine and detailed. This beautiful pendant is also suitable to carry with you during your journey.

Material: 925 Sterling Pendant
Size: 3.1" Length x 2" Breadth
Weight: 34.80 grams approx