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Antique Padmapani Avalokiteshvara Statue

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Padmapani Lokeshwor is a form of Avalokitesvara, who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. His identifiers are the lotus (padma) held in his left hand.

The general description of Padmapani is of a peaceful male deity, seated or standing, wearing a crown, jewels and heavenly garments, holding a flower, or stem of a flower in the left hand that blossoms at the level of the shoulder. This type of appearance can also be called bodhisattva appearance.

This antique statue was made in the year 1970 and has overall perfection. The fine carving is made exceptionally beautiful. The details including lotus, his jewelry, crown and robe.

This is a great piece of valuable collection for your home and a wonderful gift to your beloved one.

Size: 5" L X 3.5" D X 10.9" H / 12.5 cm L X 9 cm D X 17.5 cm H
Weight: 1565 grams approx