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Ancient Tibetan Holy Basil Incense

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This Tibetan Holy Basil incense is handmade in Nepal. As the devine representative of Lord Krishna, Basil is not mere plant. It is known as "King of Plant". Basil is keep at the doorstep of a house and basil leaves are worshiped by Hindus as a representation of Lord Bishnu.

The basil leaves has so many benefits. It keeps the atmosphere pure and keep the insects away. It makes a person sensitive by sharpening the senses to encourage concentration of mind. It has and uplifting effect on depression. Holy basil helps the body deal with stress, it Can help stabilize blood sugar levels, It has antioxidant Properties, it could boost cognitive function and it’s antibacterial

Size:  4.3"
 No. of incense stick = 30  
Weight: 55 grams