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Tibetan Wood Ancient Incense Series

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This is a special set of five ancient Tibetan incense handmade in Nepal. This set of incenses has wooden fragrances. The five special incenses are as follows:

1. Tibetan Red Sandalwood Incense
Red Sandalwood Incense-Heartwood is bitter, sweet, acrid, cooling aroma.

It is useful in celphalagia (headache), hemicrania, fever, vomiting and general debility and mental aberrations. In Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine system, it is an astringent and tonic. Perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment.
It is effective, non-toxic, non-addictive and made of 31 purely natural herbal ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to ancient Tibetan medical practices.

2. Tibetan Agarwood Incense
Agarwood is very popular as "the wood of the gods". It is because of its use range from incense,

Agarwood is mystical resin which is used for meditation unlocking the subconscious and balancing the life airs or chi. It is highly psychoactive. It is used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding. Perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment.

3. Tibetan Cedarwood Incense
Cedar is a semitic word meaning " The power of spiritual strength" and represents a symbol of constant faith. One of the oldest aromatic as temple incense in Tibet.

This incense aid in meditation through its reputation comes from steering strayed individuals back on the path. Perfectly safe for inhalation & the environment.

4. Tibetan Monastery Incense
Tibetan Monastery incense is a special blend of Juniper.

Juniper has played a major medicinal role in the treatment of many contagious diseases. Juniper was burnt to scare of witches or demons. Juniper clears, stimulates and strengths the nerves. It purifies the atmosphere and has calming effect for the over stressed and is also good for PMT. It is perfectly safe for inhalation and the environment.

5. Mahakala Sandalwood Incense
Mahakala incense is a special blend of Sandalwood. Sandalwood has been a favorite dhoop for embalming from the ancient times.

It is a useful aid to meditation and it popularity in religious ceremonies. It soothes nervous tension and anxiety and it helps to bring peace and acceptance. It is perfectly safe for inhalation and the environment.

Size of incense: 4"
Total weight: 375 grams approx
Number of incense sticks in one pack: 30