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Affirmation Prayer Flags-Peace, Happiness, Courage, Love, Tranquility, Wisdom

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These are motivational and affirmative prayer flags that reminds of good will and good faith in humanity. These are six various colored flags which are printed with motivating and positive messages of eternal life.

1. Sky Blue Flag: Peace: To bring peace to the earth, strive to make your own life peaceful.
2. Orange Flag: Happiness: When one's spiritual needs are met by an untroubled inner life. Happiness comes when your work and words are benefit to yourself and others.
3. Green Flag: Courage: Not the absence of fear or despair but the strength to conquer them.
4. Pink Flag: Love: An inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul.
5. Red Flag: Tranquility: The peace that comes when energies are in harmony, relationships are in balance.
6. Yellow Flag: Wisdom: Knowledge, intuition and experience combine to guide us in thought and deed.

Size: 10 x 8 inches
Total Length: 50 inches along with 10 inches of thread at each end
No of flags: 6 flags
Weight: 35 grams

When the prayer flags and mantras have faded away, put up a new prayer flag. If you no longer want the old one to keep hanging alongside the new one, kindly burn or bury them respectfully.