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3.10 Beautifully Handpainted Tibetan Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka

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Beautifully Handpainted Tibetan Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka
Shakyamuni Buddha statue is seated in Dhyana Asana or Meditative Pose, also called Padmasana. In this position, the legs are crossed, closely locked with the soles of both feet visible. Lord Buddha is wearing a detailed carved monastic robe incised with floral motifs. He is seated on a single lotus base also known as Padmasana. His left hand is in the earth touching gesture or bhumisparsha mudra, while his right hand he holds a medicine bowl.The Shakyamuni Buddha is the fourth Buddha of this fortunate aeon. As he realized the potential of his inner being and has removed all the obscuration and has developed all the positive qualities, he is called a Shakyamuni Buddha, a fully Awakened one.Of countless Buddha who have appeared and will continue to appear on this earth, Shakyamuni Buddha was the one who regenerate the teachings of Enlightened beings for our present era.

Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Kapilavastu in Nepal some 2600 Years ago and performed many Buddha activities for 45 years in this sub-continent for the benefit of all the sentient beings.

In General, there are five types of Brocade are available.

Polyster: Cheapest
Chinese Silk: Moderate
Banaras Chandan: Expensive
Koichin-cotton: Expensive
Khati: Most Expensive

Painting Size : 17.5"H X 13.5"W

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