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Tibetan Prayer Flags Roll 5 Metre Long Pure Cotton

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This prayer flag is a set of 25 sheets of flags in a roll. The prayer flags are made of cotton. The printing of deities and mantras are done very carefully to reflect power to each and every letter and figure.

Many of our customers stated that they wanted to hang these prayer flags not only for garden decor or home decor but spiritually to send out positive vibes and prayers to the world beings.

14 cm X 17cm (Flag Size)
5.5 " X 6.7"
Roll contains 25 Flags
Weight: 99 grams

Inauspicious days to hang Prayer flags in 2024:

Jun 16, 28 Jul 13, 25 Aug 11, 23 Sep 7, 30  Oct 3, 15, 26 Nov 11, 22  Dec 19


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