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New Sadle

New Sadle is a WFTO(World Fair Trade Organization) Guaranteed Member which provides free medical treatment to leprosy patients and trains them with handicrafts skills to elevate their lifestyle. New Sadle stands for New Skills and Development Learning Experience.

The artisans who have had leprosy are trained with various handicrafts skills and are empowered to work independently towards building a better future for themselves and their families. Leprosy is still prevalent in few countries like Nepal, India and Brazil. When the rest of the world has eradicated leprosy, these three countries are still struggling to completely eradicate leprosy. The underprivileged artisans do not find treatment so easily which is why they have to suffer much. 

Leprosy leaves them with many disabilities after which working normally becomes unattainable. This is where New Sadle comes into play. They provide free treatment of leprosy and also provide handicrafts training and employment to the artisans so that they could lead an independent and better life. After the training, the artisans are encouraged to go back and start working from their homes and lead financially sustainable jobs. They also provide free education to the artists' children upto high school.

We are proud and inspired to bring products to you that are made with so much love and talent. Every purchase you make empowers the artists to alleviate their lifestyle and work towards better future. The products are the best in the industry and are as much motivating as the stories of the artists.