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Meet Our Artisans

At NepaCrafts, we put our artisans and producers first. We work directly with the Nepalese artisans following Fair Trade Practice and supporting mostly women artisans. The best thing about sourcing from Nepal is that it directly helps uplift the livelihood of the Nepalese,Tibetan and Newar artisans and help them preserve and continue their ancient techniques and craftsmanship. Our mission is also to support and promote Nepalese, Tibetan and Newar arts and crafts throughout the world by offering Eco-friendly products made using the ancient craftsmanship of Nepal.  We do a thorough study of manpower, working conditions, daily wages, raw ingredients and the final products, assuring that the products are ethically sourced, Eco-friendly, fair traded, supportive of cultures and artisans and above all, ensuring the funds directly reach the artisans cutting off middlemen which helps artisans get the best prices for their products and skills.
We are pleased to bring our artisans and their work to you. Kindly find time to read their stories.