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Our Sample Packs contain:

Two sets of sample of Seven Chakra Incense (You can choose any two), a Sample of Two sets of Seven chakra Incense!

1. Chakra Incense -Sacral Navel (for Creativity) SANDALWOOD
2. Chakra Incense-Root (for Innocense) NAGCHAMPA
3. Chakra Incense-Crown (for Integration) FRANKINCENSE
4. Chakra Incense- Third Eye (for forgiveness) ROSE
5. Chakra Incense-Solar Plexus(for Peace) LEMONGRASS
6. Chakra Incense-Heart(for Love and Compassion) JASMINE
7. Chakra Incense-Throat(for Collectivity) PATCHOULI


Directions for how to claim your free sample!

*A flat rate of $4.90 for shipping still applies, but we will refund the shipping if you are not happy with the Trial Pack or our customer service for any reason! You can see a list of all of our Chakra Incense below. Please only use the code once per household, per person. *

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 Fragrance list:

Sacral Navel (for Creativity) SANDALWOOD Root (for Innocense) NAGCHAMPA
Crown (for Integration) FRANKINCENSE Third Eye (for forgiveness) ROSE
Solar Plexus(for Peace) LEMONGRASS Heart(for Love and Compassion) JASMINE
Throat(for Collectivity) PATCHOULI