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Mustang: The Culture and Landscape of Lo by Michael Beck

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Mustang was and still is an enchanted region where nature and culture intermingled to keep a very old tradition alive. Culturally, geographically and historically Tibetan, but within the borders of Nepal, it has become a time capsule of Tibetan heritage and a place where the rich tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is carried on to this.

People may wonder why and how long communities may have chosen to settle in such unforgiving living conditions, but if you were actually living there, you would probably understand it by yourself.

There is a profound spiritual bond with nature and with the scared keeping the locals attached to this land. The harshness of the region, its remoteness and its difficult access helped the Mustang people developing a unique culture based on simplicity, yet fullness.

By: Michael Beck
ISBN: 9789937623179