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Yidam Kurukulle Tibetan Prayer Flags

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These are all red Kurukulla or Kurukulle Prayer flags. The red terry cotton fabric is screen printed with yellow ink. The image of the female yidam Kukukulle is prominently pictured on the prayer flag along with the mantra text at the bottom.

Kurukulle is a female semi wrathful Yidam. Ususally depicted in Red, she has 4 arms, holding a bow and arrow made of flower in one pair and a hook and a noose in the other. She is depicted as dancing like a Dakini pose.

Yidam Kurukulle Prayer Flag depicts the "echantment" to remove obstacles. It is used for strengthening the power and increasing the control, with a purpose to suppress negative energy.

Kurkukulle Prayer Flags are made 100% Terry cotton.

Size: 8 x 6 inches
Weight: 35 gms

When the prayer flags and mantras have faded away, put up a new prayer flag. If you no longer want the old one to keep hanging alongside the new one, kindly burn or bury them respectfully.