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Green Tara 24 K Gold Plated Statue

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Introducing the Full Gold Plated Copper Green Tara Statue, a captivating embodiment of compassion and protection. Crafted with meticulous detail and standing at a height of 9 inches, this exquisite statue beautifully captures the essence of Green Tara, the female Bodhisattva associated with compassion and swift action. Made from high-quality materials, the statue showcases a vibrant green color, symbolizing her connection to nature and vitality.

The Green Tara Statue exudes a sense of serenity and grace, with every intricate feature delicately crafted to reflect the highest level of artistry. From her compassionate expression to the flowing robes and graceful posture, the statue emanates a sense of divine energy and feminine strength.

Green Tara is revered in Buddhist traditions as a compassionate figure who swiftly responds to the needs of all beings. By inviting the Green Tara Statue into your sacred space or home, you invite the energies of compassion, protection, and swift action.

This statue serves as a powerful reminder to cultivate compassion in our lives and to seek solace and guidance in challenging times. Green Tara's nurturing presence inspires feelings of calmness, courage, and inner strength, offering support and guidance on our spiritual journey.

The compact 9-inch height of the statue allows for versatile placement, making it a beautiful addition to meditation rooms, altars, or as an eye-catching centerpiece in any living space. Its craftsmanship and vibrant green color make it an exquisite fusion of beauty and spirituality.

Embrace the compassionate energy of Green Tara with the Green Tara Statue-a symbol of compassion, protection, and empowerment. Let this statue inspire you to embrace compassion and take swift action in the pursuit of spiritual growth and the well-being of all beings.

Size: 9" Height x 6.5" Wide x 3" Depth
Weight: 1630 grams approx