Mostly you will be doing your shopping in Thamel in Kathmandu or Lakeside in Pokhara. There are other shopping areas such as Durbar Marg or Babar Mahal Revisited that might attract you if you have time to visit them. These two areas provide you with upmarket (original) sportswear, jewellery and electronic shops, and unique gift and material shops, respectively.

In Thamel and Lakeside you will find that most shops sell the same things – trekking gear and clothing and souvenirs. The only thing we can say is, if you are after a higher priced article such as Pashmina shawls, Tibetan carpets or local jewelry, take your time with your purchases and don’t feel pressured to buy something you are not really happy with. 

Apart from the store visit, there is an alternative and you can get those souvenirs related to Himalayas, Temples, Buddhist products, Prayer Flags, Buddha Statues, Prayer Beads Malas etc and that is our online store You could buy these products from any where and from desktop and mobile devices.