Sita Magar-From a Leprosy patient to an independent producer

Sita's story is a really touching one. We have never seen a more strong and independent woman like her. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with leprosy. Coming from a very poor background, she could not receive good treatment because of which her fingers started to bend and eventually had to be amputated. New Sadle found her and offered to treat her completely free. After she was cured, she joined the handicrafts training program at New Sadle and learnt to make beautiful hemp and nettle bags.

After learning the skills, now she is one of the finest artisans producing beautifully eco friendly bags. She is now living with her parents and supporting her entire family with her earnings. She insists that education is very important for young kids which is why she invests most of her income to educate her three younger brothers and also is a spokesperson for education and training in her village. She is now independent, confident and teaches many other underprivileged women the crafts she has learnt.

We are very proud to bring her products to you which are made with a lot of dedication and love. Every purchase you make helps her with her livelihood, her brother's educations and the training program she organizes in her village for her underprivileged villagers.