Tibetan Zen Singing Bowl

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Hand Hammered zen singing bowl. What makes these Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls unique is the finishing of the surface and the high quality sound they make.

Singing Bowls also known as meditation chakra bowls, healing singing bowls or Himalayan singing bowls have been widely used since from the ancient times in Nepal and Tibet mostly by the Buddhist monks for meditation ,religious ceremonial music, traditional ritual offerings, for praying as praying bowls and as traditional musical instruments.

Comprised of the seven metals representing different planetary influences:

* Gold = the sun
* Silver = the moon
* Mercury = Mercury
* Copper = Venus
* Iron = Mars
* Tin = Jupiter
* Lead = Saturn

These singing bowls are also used as bowls for rice feeding or food bowls mostly in the Himalayan region in the early days.
Singing Bowls produce a wonderful singing/humming sound when they are hit,tapped, struck or rubbed by a singing bowls wooden striker/mallet or dowel.

Singing bowls are used for meditation, sound therapy, healing, sound massage and more. Nowadays singing bowls are used for medical cures and treatment by the technique of sound therapy, sound massage as a tool for holistic healing, calm the nervous system and reviving brain functions and have successful results in the treatment.

How to play Singing bowl ?

1. Hold the bowl in the palm of either hand.
2. With the mallet, rub the outside rim in a circular motion. Keep an even pressure.
3. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. It may help to tap the bowl to begin the vibration.
4. Or enjoy the exotic sound by just tapping the bowl.

Varies from 4.5" to 6" diameter

Cushion=3.9" round

Thick Stick= 18cm L/7"L

Varies from 300 grams to 400 grams approx.
40 grams (Cushion Weight)
125-145 grams (Thick stick Weigh)

Note: Please choose the note of singing bowl from C, D , E, F, G, A, B

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A hidden gem

Knowing not much at all about these bowls, I was becoming frustrated with my inability to (easily) make it ring. One day I experimented with tapping it using the M008 felted mallet and discovered this is how the bowl likes to sing! Starting off with light vertical taps just below the rim gave me a rich, gong like ringing. Very pleasing to the ears, and the vibrations travelled right through me. As I listened to the oscillations of sound, I timed my taps to them to continue hitting the low resonance spot and the deep sound intensified, purified, and then set the voice free. What a sweet sound this bowl has. It is a hidden treasure. I do notice a slight difference in tone between when I am using the sueded, or the felted, striker.