Buddha's Foot Print Fine Carving Tibetan Singing Bowl

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This singing bowl is handmade in Nepal. In this singing bowl there is a fine etching of Buddha's Footprint. This bowl can be used for meditation and healing purposes.

Singing bowls are used for meditation, sound therapy, healing, sound massage and more. Nowadays singing bowls are used for medical cures and treatment by the technique of sound therapy, sound massage as a tool for holistic healing, calm the nervous system and reviving brain functions and have successful results in the treatment.

The singing bowl is made from seven metals representing different planetary influences:

* Gold = the sun
* Silver = the moon
* Mercury = Mercury
* Copper = Venus
* Iron = Mars
* Tin = Jupiter
* Lead = Saturn
How to play Singing bowl ?

1. Hold the bowl in the palm of either hand.
2. With the mallet, rub the outside rim in a circular motion. Keep an even pressure.
3. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. It may help to tap the bowl to begin the vibration.
4. Or enjoy the exotic sound by just tapping the bowl.

This singing bowl comes with wooden mallet and square brocade cushion.

Size/Dimension: Approx.

8"/ 20.5 cm Diameter X 3.4"/8.5 cm Height

Weight: 1155 grams approx

Size of Mallet: 6"
Size of Cushion: 6" x 6"