Shova Dahal-Felting, Dyeing and Quality Control

Shova Dahal is a shy woman who does not talk much but work efficiently. She is about 40 years old who works for the brighter future of the family. She works in a felt production factory where large numbers of felt items like felt purse, place mat, felt décor and many felt products are made.

She works 10-6 in the production house where her main job responsibilities are sorting of wool, dyeing, stitching and inspecting the final felt produce. As the demands for the felt items are high, Shova works efficiently to maintain high quality standards.

She is very honest towards her work and always helps her colleague to learn new things. She doubles up as a trainer for new women felters who come to work or learn about felting in our associates' production house. She works with more than 35 women in the production house. Shova is respected by everyone as she only only supports each on in their work but also helps them with their personal problems and family or social issues.

"All these women felters here are like my sisters, some are like my daughters. They come from various aspects of life and hardships. But one thing is for sure, we forget all our problems and woes when we are working together, making great felt products for our customers to cherish and work towards a better future for our kids. So if anyone of us are having any problems, it is our collective effort to tackle it and solve the problem. This is why we are all family".