Shikysa-Knitter & Group Leader

ShikysaShikysa is an inspiring women around her community in Patan. She was a full time housewife who helped her husband work in the fields before she joined our team. She have one daughter and one son.

Her time was divided into being a homemaker and a farmer. With an exceptional talent of knitting, she would occasionally knit woolen gloves and sell them to her neighbors to support her child's education.

We first met her on the side walks selling her gloves. Even though we did not like the wool she knitted with, her designs and flawless knitting forced us to ask her if she wanted to knit for us and make a career in knitting. She hesitantly told us that she wanted to but due to her house chores and farm, she did not know what to say. But she admitted that she needed money to help her with her child's education and also start saving for the rainy day.

After a few months, she came to our production house to meet Rahesh, our production manager. She was in dire need of money and wanted us to buy a few of her hand knit gloves. We bought all of them and again offered her to find time to work in our production house. We told her that she had an exceptional talent and convinced her that after a few weeks, we will let her take the wool so that she could knit from her own house. She immediately said Yes and then the journey began.

Her knitting is super fast with no mistakes at all. She has a sharp eye for designs, patterns and can bring any designs to life. After a few weeks in the production house and after proving her work, now she takes the wool, designs, crochet & knitting needles and distributes it to her neighbors who are equally talented. She is always found training women to knit and assures them that this work can help them lead an independent life. Now she has over 8 women working with her in her group. 

"I used to knit gloves and hand warmers and sell it to my friends so that I could earn some money for the future of my child. Knitting involves lots of hard work and it is time consuming too. My friends offered me very low prices even when I was aware that I could sell it for much higher. But after I found NepaCrafts and Rahesh, I am offered a much better price for my products. I always go back to my team and distribute the money which gives me immense happiness that not only I settled my life with knitting but am also able to help many needy women".

Shikysa's work is an inspiration for us. Her motivation, training and positive attitude is helping many women in her community gain confidence that they too, could lead better lives if they follow their passion of knitting. We are extremely proud to bring the handknit gloves and hand warmers to you which Shikysa and her team have knitted with lots of love, hard work, dedication and commitment.