Satyaman-Jewelry Maker/Artist

Plain Copper Yoga Bracelet
Plain Copper Yoga Bracelet

Plain Copper Yoga Bracelet

This is a plain copper open cuff unisex bangle. It is made of pure copper. Size: 7" L x 0.19" wide Weight: 20 grams approx.


NepaCrafts Jewelry Artisans

 No matter how difficult your life is, when you decide to win, nothing can stop you from winning. This is the best example of our artist Mr. Satyaman Bk. He is 50 years old and currently lives in Dallu, Kathmandu near Swayambhunath with his family. Swayambhunath, also known as Monkey Temple, lies in the central part of Kathmandu and is one of the most religious and tourist attraction place.As Mr. Bk is aging, he also suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes and poor eyesight. In Nepal, people often do not give much priority to health care facilities and as a result suffers from different health related problems.
"I have been raised in Kathmandu near Swayambhunath Temple. Kathmandu is getting expensive but offers many opportunities for the well educated people. I am an uneducated person and it was very difficult for me to raise my family since they all were dependent on me. But one thing I never gave-up was to keep on trying".
Mr. Satyaman is an experienced jewelry maker. His masterpiece includes bracelet, locket, pendant, earring, necklace and Tibetan jewelry. The most amazing quality of Mr. Satyaman Bk is that he is so accurate in measurement that we never need to recheck his work.  The jewelry made by him are not just products; they are the feelings and expressions of the Nepali culture.


"I give my best effort every time I make any jewelry because these are not mere jewelry or piece of art I make to support myself financially, but these reflect our culture which needs to be kept alive for our next generations  too".

Mr. Satyaman got these amazing skills from his father and grandfather. They are from the special group of communities in Nepal who are blessed with such an amazing talent. Even at this age, he has got a pleasant personality and has a desire to work and give us his wonderful creations. This has created opportunities for economically disadvantaged person like him to reduce the poverty and help them become self sufficient.