Sabina Sijakhu

Sabina Artisan

A very talented and god gifted artisan, Miss Sabina Sijakhu works as a painter at our associate production house. She paints beautiful wooden decorative box, wooden incense box, wooden incense burners and wooden thangka & wall hanging frames.



She learnt the art of sketching, tracing, drawing and painting at a very young age. Seemingly shy and humble, she is a dedicated and focused artisan who brings products to life with her impeccable painting skills. Hailing from Thimi, Bhaktapur (a city close to Kathmandu Valley), she was inspired by the arts and crafts of the ancient city. With the interest in wood works, ancient painting techniques and pottery, she decided that she wanted to bring colorful expression to whatever she sees. This persuaded her to learn the skills of paintings.

At first, she studied the Tibetan designs, paintings and meanings behind each of them and then traced it in her memory. Whatever she makes is totally and completely out of her memories. She has no formal education and training about drawing or painting. She draws completely out of interest keeping in mind the exact measurements, color technique, brush strokes of the ancient craft.

As beautiful as she is, her products define her immense love and cherished memories of her childhood excursions into the world of Tibetan art. She is always willing to teach new young people and have successfully trained a few of her colleagues who are her assistants now. 

We are very proud to bring the soulful and majestic products that she painted and filled life into. With every product of hers that sells, she benefits immensely through the money generated and her remuneration. We are honored to bring her products to you which we are sure will fill your hearts with love and glimpses of Tibetan culture and tradition.