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Manjushree Mantra Widsom Prayer Flags

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A Prayer Flags contains 10 sheets with multi-color rectangular cloth made up of cotton which are hang in Buddhas Stupas, High Mountains and Peaks in the Himalayas. Commonly Prayer Flags comes in the set of five colors – Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow . The Five Colors represents the five elements and five different Lights. BLUE symbolized Sky, White symbolized Wind, Red symbolized Fire, Green symbolized Water and Yellow symbolized Earth. Traditionally Prayer Flags are used for peace and compassion. There is a belief that the mantras printed in Prayer Flags are blown by the wind for the compassion and peace. Therefore the use of prayer flags will give benefit to all. So prayer flags should be treated with respect and should not be thrown away as it should be burn as it gets old and should be replaced with new one.

This prayer flags has 10 sheets and each printed with Tibetan Manjhushree along with its associate mantras.

Size: 8”x 6”
Total Length: 70”
No. of Sheets: 10
Weight: 50 grams approx