Pema Moktan

Out of three of our singing bowl producers, Pema Moktan is the youngest and the special one who still uses the most antique technique of singing bowl production.

Pema’s production house is composed of his family which includes his son, his uncle and brothers. They are the main pillars of his work. Others include his trainees & neighbors who trained under him for many years. He loves to work in the most traditional way as he says that modern marvels kills the artistic core of the product.

He has a traditional kiln and mostly works with olden instruments and tools. He is very peculiar about the work place safety as it involves working in high temperatures around fire. Another thing he is very specific about is the health of his team. No one needs to come to work if they feel unwell in the slightest manner. He believes that creative work needs sound physical and mental health.

Pema Moktan

The best singing bowls are hand hammered singing bowls. Pema is a master of making hand hammered singing bowls which requires outright dedication and expertise to make. A small mistake during the heating process or the subsidy in beating the bowls can result in the bowl that does not sing at all.

Pema buys all the materials from local vendors. The main metals required for the high grade singing bowls are Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead and Zinc. These are called ASTADHATU( Eight metals) in Nepali. Not all bowls use the same composition of metals, most of the bowls only have Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead and Zinc.

He is also well aware of the child rights and hence always makes continuous efforts to ensure that there is no involvement of child labor in any of the process of singing bowl making. In Nepal, as per the data of 2016, about 25.2% of the population lives below the national poverty line. This shows that lower income generating groups are the most suffered people. And that is one of the reasons behind the higher level of involvement of child labor in case of Nepal. 

We are proud to be associated with Pema for the singing bowls. His singing bowls are the best sellers in our singing bowl segment.