Narayan Nath


Success only follows those who work hard and make proper planning, preparation along with supporting working environment. Here is the real life story of our very inspiring artist Narayan Nath. In the beautiful and peaceful area of Nagarjuna, located in North West part of Kathmandu valley, Narayan Nath has small workshop for the production of Tibetan incense.

 Narayan Nath is around 65 years old, a kind hearted person who inspires young one and women to work and make changes in the society. He also cares about the artist so he has a very friendly working environment and workshop near to his house in the foothills of Nagarjuna, Kathmandu. He also provides lodging and fooding to the artist and supports them in every single possible way.

Narayan Nath

Narayan Nath has a team of 3-5 people who works in the workshop to make varieties of Tibetan incense as per the demand of the customers. Bibek Tamang is 18 years old who works in the workshop of Narayan Nath to make Tibetan incense. He has been working since three years and it seems he enjoys his work very much. He is from Pharping which lies in the Southern part of Kathmandu.

Kumar along with his nephew Bibek, work together in the workshop. He is 35, who is very friendly and supportive in nature. He has an ample of experience in making Tibetan incenses. He had worked in Bouddhanath and Shoyambhunath area and had 20 years of experience in making incenses with Tibetan Lamas.



Tamang Incense MakersHandmade incense making process is very time consuming because every single work requires dedication, planning and patience. Narayan Nath along with his team plans a day before making the incenses. They need to decide on what kind of incenses they are going to make and gather the necessary ingredients. At 4 am early in the morning, Bibek Tamang and Kumar Tamang start their work and finish till 9:30 am. The incense needs sunlight for its drying purpose so they make it early in the morning. Both Bibek and Kumar Tamang work for a week depending upon the orders and they get back to their village to continue their regular construction work.

In the day time, a team of 4 women gather together in the workshop to continue the further incense processes. They cut the dried incense, check every single incense properly and packed them.

The green and clean environment itself motivates them to work efficiently and effectively. As compare to the main streets of Kathmandu, this place is little away from traffic and noises. Kumar and Bibek is very hardworking person. It’s very sad to say that despite of the potentiality and talent, we are facing the lack of artist in our country. It is due to the migration of the young and talented person in search of employment. And even if they plan properly, it sometime makes difficult for them to complete the work at the given time.


During our conversation with Narayan Nath, he expressed his sadness to us saying that he is getting old and he cannot directly make a contact to know the demand of Tibetan incense. We assured him that we will definitely support him in every possible way. We are encouraging the young artist to continue their beautiful work because handmade incenses can never be replaced with artificial machine made incenses. The hard works of the artist in combination with all natural ingredients make the incense pure and perfect.

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