Mina Moktan-Tailor

Mina Moktan

"It is a horrific thing in your life when everything seems to be going from bad to worse. With no hope close by, no light in the horizon, you may think that life has taken a sudden dip into the abyss" she takes a deep breath and crystal clear tears roll down her cheeks. Remembering her past, Mina Moktan, a 29 year old beautiful women tell us her story. She recalls her husband Gopal Moktan getting affected with leprosy and not being able to do any treatment due to lack of finances and knowledge. She thought that life has played a dirty trick on them and had almost given up hope until a faithful day when she met the people of New Sadle.

New Sadle opened their arms to welcome her and her family. With full treatment done, her husband slowly recovered. While her husband was getting treatment, she went on to join a tailoring trainer group in New Sadle. She was quick to learn and instantly showed her hidden skills at work. Its been 9 years that she is working as a tailor and supporting her family. Her husband works at New Sadle as a Security Guard.

Both her sons, 6 grader-Abesh and preschooler-Anush, study at Lovely Angel's English Medium School run by New Sadle. The organization also offered them a quarters in their own premises where they work and live now.

Mina is now a happy women who loves tailoring various handicrafts. She loves to wear jewelry and says that they make her beautiful. She has a changed perspective of life now and is committed to the better lives of her family. She also helps many disadvantaged women and refers them to the training that she once took.

We are extremely proud to support her work and are equally excited to bring her work to you. Every purchase you make will help her and her family go an inch closer to better life.