Meenu Shakya-Statue Artist

Meenu is a very humble and kind person. She is a fine statue painting artist based in Patan, Nepal. She is a housewife and now living with her beautiful family with two lovely children.

Meenu was very fond of painting ever since her childhood period. During her leisure time, she liked to create new design and play with colors. She also used to knit woolen cap and muffler as knitting was also one of her hobbies.

She started formally her career as a statue painting since five years back. It gives us immense happiness to share with you that her first commissions work was done for NepaCrafts. She took a formal training of gold face painting of statue for about three months. Meenu once decided to explore her painting skills as she can manage her time to create a new art. After onwards she begin to create a colorful statue painting. She started to work after her children goes to school at 10 am and work till 4 pm in the evening. Depending upon the size of the statue, Meenu said that it almost took her three months to complete 8" Buddha statue painting.

The best part of statue painting is that Meenu first visualize the patterns depending upon the size and type of statue. Then she starts to outline the patterns and design completely with her hand. The painting done in the statue is her own creation and she totally enjoys to express her imagination. However, sometimes what she had thought may not fit into the statue and she need to do editing and that is the most difficult part of painting.

Meenu's work allows her to constantly explore new style and ways of painting. She has now started to create embossed painting on statue and it is her own creation and design. It is the first time she painted on a Statue where the Buddha's whole life is amazingly expressed. Meenu said she feels completely satisfied with her work and always believe in learning new skills.

Meenu is such an inspiring woman and we are so proud to have her with us.