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Full Gold Plated Copper Medicine Buddha Statue

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The Full Gold Plated Copper Medicine Buddha Statue is a magnificent sculpture crafted with copper as its base material and adorned with a layer of gold plating. It depicts the Medicine Buddha, a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism associated with healing and well-being. The statue is meticulously designed, capturing the intricate details and serene expression of the Medicine Buddha. It serves as a powerful symbol of compassion, wisdom, and the healing of physical and mental ailments. The gold plating adds a touch of elegance and sacredness to the statue, making it a cherished object for devotion, meditation, and as a centerpiece in sacred spaces.

The lost wax technique employed by the artisans from Patan involves a meticulous process. First, a wax model of the Shakyamuni statue is created, capturing the intricate details of his facial expression, hand gestures (mudras), and robe. This wax model is then covered with layers of clay, forming a mold that is heated to remove the wax and harden the clay. The molten copper is then poured into the mold, replacing the wax and taking its shape. After the metal solidifies, the outer clay layer is broken, revealing the newly cast statue.
Once the casting is complete, the artisans painstakingly work on the finishing touches. They polish the statue, ensuring a smooth and lustrous surface, and then apply a layer of gold plating, which represents the sacred and divine nature of Shakyamuni. The gold plating adds a stunning aesthetic appeal to the statue and further enhances its spiritual significance.

Size: 5.5" Height x 4.2" Wide x 3" Depth
Weight: 570 gm approx.

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