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Copper Medicine Buddha Statue 5" H

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The Medicine Buddha is a revered figure in Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism, known for healing and compassion. Often depicted in a seated posture with a blue hue, symbolizing transformative enlightenment, the Medicine Buddha holds a bowl of healing nectar and the Aruna fruit, emphasizing his role as a healer of physical and spiritual ailments.

Devotees turn to the Medicine Buddha for inspiration in healing, often reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra for therapeutic effects. His statue is placed in homes and healing spaces to create an environment of well-being and inner peace. Beyond physical healing, the Medicine Buddha embodies the wisdom of understanding suffering's root causes, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical health and spiritual harmony. As a symbol of hope and compassion, the Medicine Buddha represents the transformative power of enlightenment in the journey towards wholeness and well-being.

Size: 5.2" Height x 4" Wide x 2.5" Depth
Weight: 560 grams approx

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