Maya Tamang-Crocheter of Roll beads Bracelet

Maya Tamang is an optimistic, ever cheerful 21 years old. She has always wanted to be independent and make her own decisions. She also wants other women to be like her.

Mr. Danish is a production manager of roll beads bracelet. In his supervision, Maya Tamang makes beautiful and trendy roll on bracelets. In Nepal, beads play an important role in marriage ceremony and every woman is aware of beads making process.

After she completes her daily household activities, she goes to the production house to collect samples of roll on bracelets and all the required materials. She works out of her home and has ample time to enjoy her life alongside the regular work. When the bracelets are finished, she submits them to the production manager and collects new work. She is an excellent crocheter of beads and her work is always appreciated. She is a super quick learner and grabs any kinds of designs within minutes.