Mamila-Knitter & Group Leader

Mamila  is a 38 years old woman living in Patan, Nepal. She is an avid knitter and can knit almost the whole day. She is absolutely quick and can knit even when watching TV. She was a homemaker before who also involved in seasonal farming of crops and vegetables.

Mamila  Says: "I really love to knit sweaters and caps for my children. My mother also used to knit woolen caps when I was a child. Hand knitted products hold a lot of emotional value as they are made with lots of love, care and thought. One day just outside my house, when I was knitting a sweater for my kid, Mr. Rahesh, our production manager, saw me and praised my design and knitting. He asked me if I was interested in joining his production house as a knitter where a lot of other women like me were employed and have been empowered to carry on a self dependent life. I was so happy to hear that. I could have never imagined knitting would one day become my earning source. Today I am happily following my passion of knitting and am able to support my family financially".

In our woolen production house, Rahesh provides the designs and patterns to the women along with the required material for knitting. Mamila has been working in the capacity of a Group Leader since 3 years.Now instead of attending the production house everyday, Mamila gets the design and raw materials for woolen items, she then goes to her locality where 5-7 women works with her to finish the assigned work. They all work from home. After the work is finished, Mamila then collects it from all women of her area and finally submits to the production house for approval.

We are happy to bring beautiful woolen products that women of Nepal knit from their homes with lots of love, passion and dedication. Every purchase you make empowers them to live an independent life and help run their family and send their kids to school.