Ischa -Knitter and Group Leader

A shy and humble woman, Ischa, who could not pursue her studies due to her poor financial background today is one of the most inspiring women in our woolen production team. Hailing from a Newar family in Patan, she always had higher ambitions. Learning new things was her hobby. With the help of her supportive family and friends, she found our production house and came for a training 5 years ago.


She was totally new to knitting back then and took a long time to learn but her persona and attitude to do whatever it took to become a great knitter was worth praising. After two years learning and knitting at the production house, she was a front runner among the knitters. She is fluent with her work, can handle pressure, can cope with overload of work and yet smile her way through them.

Her specialty is the knee high woolen socks. With an array of beautiful designs and patterns, we are very proud to display her beautiful creations in our store.

She now works with a community of women knitters around her locality and has been a group leader of 14 women.Out of the 14 women, 12 are trained by her. In 5 years time, Ischa has managed to lead an economically independent life for herself and for so many other women who work with her. She is also a quality assurance personnel at the production house now and makes sure that each creation is a unique one and flawless.

She has her plans to start a training center for underprivileged women, physically challenged and backward women. Recently she had submitted an initial proposal for the training program in our office asking for financial help and a place to start the classes. The training will start from the 1st of October. All the expenses will be borne by NepaCrafts and we have also offered to buy all the products that the training center produces.