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CLARIFYING Organic Essential Oil

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The clarifying essential oil blend combines the scents and properties of sandalwood, peppermint, geranium, citrus, and clary sage. Sandalwood, with its woody and grounding aroma, promotes a sense of relaxation and mental clarity. Peppermint, with its refreshing and invigorating scent, provides a cooling and revitalizing effect. Geranium, with its sweet and floral aroma, offers a balancing and uplifting experience. Citrus essential oil, known for its fresh and uplifting fragrance, adds a burst of energy and brightness. Clary sage, with its musky and herbaceous scent, promotes relaxation and emotional well-being.

Together, these essential oils create a harmonious blend that can help clarify the mind, uplift the spirit, and promote a sense of balance and well-being.

 Can be added  to a hot bath or put in an aromatherapy diffuser. Do no apply to skin in pure form - first blend with carrier oil  in a 3% concentration.

  • Avoid contact with eyes.  
  • Not for internal use.
  •  Keep out of reach of Children.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Ingredients :- Santalum album, Mentha Piperita, Pelargonium graveolens, Citrus bergamia & Salvia sclarea.
Net Weight: 5 ml