Door Curtains

Tibetan Door Curtains delineating holy images. Entryway draperies are a superb way that Tibetans have created to see promising images in their regular day to day existence. Entryway window ornaments might be held tight the divider or put over the space of a door jamb. They can cover the Door itself, or capacity as an entryway window ornament, enabling the breeze to go into the house however keeping bugs outside. As one enters the entryway the mind contacts into the endless holiness of the images on the hanging.

These door curtains will bring a new look to your home and office. As the design is a symbol of well-being and good fortune, it will surely create a positive element to its surroundings.

Door Curtains are found in many entrances of houses and temples in Nepal and Tibet. Mainly it contains eight auspicious symbols, endless knot designs, wind horse and many more.